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Roger L. Simon: Against Prop 8

Blogger and founder of Pajamas Media–the online alternative to the Mainstream Media–Roger L. Simon is a against Proposition 8. Simon explains his support for freedom, fairness and equality in a discussion about Vice Presidential nominee Governor Sarah Palin:

The preeminent social issues – gay marriage and abortion – are quite separate. Lumping them together, as is often done by the media and by ideologues on both sides, is insulting to our intelligence.

For me, same-sex marriage is by far the simpler issue. I am one hundred percent for it on moral, civil rights and scientific grounds. (Sexual orientation is not elective.) And I am surprised so many of my fellow citizens would want to deny others a chance to experience a life of recognized love and commitment, something I have found, through hard experience, to be easily the most fulfilling and socially useful way to live. It would seem almost, dare I say it, unchristian.

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