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Valley Businesses Oppose Prop 8

An influential San Fernando Valley business group voted overwhelmingly today to join corporate titans PG&E, AT&T and Levi-Strauss in opposition to Proposition 8.

The board of the Valley Industry and Commerce Association, which represents businesses in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles voted “by a significant margin” to oppose the measure, said President Stuart Waldman.

While a few board members argued against VICA taking a stand, maintaining that Proposition 8 was not a business issue, many more directors said it would cost them money and talented workers if the amendment passed, Waldman said.

“The most eloquent argument we got from an employer is they spend so much on human resources dealing with different benefits under domestic partnership rules versus married employees,” he said.

As Republican against Proposition 8 Brad Torgan says, Prop 8 is bad for business–and bad for California’s economy.