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Matt Klink, Republican Against 8

Matt Klink is a Republican political consultant based in Los Angeles. He opposes Prop. 8 for economic reasons:

A June 11, 2008, US News & World Report article on the subject offered a brief analysis of the situation when its author wrote, “Almost as soon as the state Supreme Court declared a state law banning same-sex marriage unconstitutional last month, analysts saw the potential for an economic boomlet.”

Thankfully, someone had the foresight to study this situation and offer an economic analysis. According to a report co-authored by Brad Spears, J.D., and M.V. Lee Badgett, Ph.D., “allowing same-sex couples to marry will result in approximately $63.8 million in revenue over the next three years.” This figure is staggering given that California faces a $15 to $17 billion budget deficit this year alone.

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