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Proposition 8: Bad for Biotech

Republicans Against 8 have always said that Proposition 8 is bad for business, and could send industries packing to places where all citizens have equal treatment under the law.  Now, biotech executives in San Diego are confirming that Proposition 8 is bad for business.

“The governor of Massachusetts has made it very clear that he recognizes this is a competitive and lucrative industry and he’d do everything he can to attract companies,” Fischer said. “And this is a sure opportunity for Massachusetts to feature its benefits that are not available in California should Proposition 8 pass.”

In San Diego, biotechnology companies and those that provide services to them employ nearly 40,000 people at 710 companies. Biotechnology is the state’s second largest high-tech industry, generating $73 billion in revenue annually and employing more than 267,000 people.

Companies in other high-paying and globally competitive industries also oppose Proposition 8. They include Silicon Valley giants Google and Apple and San Diego’s Qualcomm, which donated $5,000 to the opposition campaign, according to state records.

That is the message delivered by Republican Proposition 8 opponent Brad Torgan.  Help keep business in California and Vote NO on 8!