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California Log Cabin Republicans Responds to 2012 Decision by Equality California

August 12, 2009, (Los Angeles, CA) – California Log Cabin Republicans issued the following statement responding to the announcement earlier today of the decision to pursue a California Proposition 8 repeal for the November 2012 ballot.

Statement by Len Lanzi, President of California Log Cabin Republicans

“Log Cabin Republicans knows better than anybody the challenge the LGBT community faces in changing the hearts and minds of Californians in our effort to repeal Proposition 8 and restore the freedom to marry to all Californians.”

“We welcome the opportunity to spend more time building bridges to diverse communities across this state and we take our message of equality, a commitment to individual responsibility and a commitment to personal freedoms to rural communities, the communities of faith and color, and to continue our outreach efforts to the Republican Party. We must ensure that the foundation for our next fight at the ballot box is solid and the conditions optimal for victory.”

“The LGBT community has a prime opportunity over the next 3 years to reach beyond our traditional constituencies, and Log Cabin Republicans is committed to work with our allies to ensure our message is inclusive for all Californians.”

Statement by Scott Schmidt, Former Campaign Manager, Republicans Against 8

“Regardless of when the freedom to marry returns to the voters of California, our work must go on. We must continue to nurture the allies of freedom, regardless of where they lie on the political spectrum, and hold conversations with our allies, and those who do not yet support the freedom to marry for everyone.”

“Once a Constitutional Amendment to restore this fundamental right to all Californians is on the ballot, we look forward to waging an inclusive campaign that works to bring in new allies from the right, from the left and in between. The conservative principles of limited government, personal responsibility and individual liberty are too important for us to let them down.”