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Frequently Asked Questions About Prop 8

Q: Who are Republicans Against 8?

A: Republicans Against 8 is a coalition of Republicans who believe Proposition 8 violates the principles of limited government, personal responsibility, and individual liberty.

Q: Doesn’t Proposition 8 simply say that marriage is between a man and a woman?

A: By taking away marriage rights from one group of Californians, Proposition 8 violates the principles of freedom, fairness and equality that are at the core of the State’s constitution.

Q: How does Proposition 8 violate the principles of limited government, personal responsibility and individual liberty?

A: Marriage is a deeply personal choice. It is not the role of big government to tell Californians when, whether, or to whom they can marry.

Q:Why can’t gay and lesbian couples just have Domestic Partnerships? Why does it have to be Marriage?

A: Marriage is the word our society uses and understands. California already has domestic partnerships contracts but it is a legal answer that doesn’t work in the real world. Regular people don’t understand them and don’t know what they are and in emergency situations that becomes dangerous. You can’t explain to an ambulance driver or hospital personnel what a domestic partnership is when you need to be in the ambulance or hospital room. Only the word marriage is universally understood.

Q: But can’t gays and lesbians choose to become heterosexual and marry legally?

A: When did you choose to be straight? Scientific evidence shows that sexual orientation is not a choice, but a result of genetic and biological factors.

Q: Aren’t all Republicans supporting Proposition 8?

A: No. The Republican Governor of California and numerous high-profile Republicans oppose Proposition 8. In fact, recent polling shows that nearly one in three Republicans is opposed to Proposition 8.

Q: The institution of marriage is being weakened. Won’t marriage for gay and lesbian people weaken it further?

A: The institution of marriage can only be strengthened by allowing everyone to participate in its rights and responsibilities.

Q: My church says marriage is only between a man and a woman, why should the State force us to recognize gay and lesbian relationships?

A: No churches are forced to perform gay and lesbian weddings. However, if Proposition 8 is approved, the marriages performed in some religious denominations will not be recognized by the State. A NO vote on Proposition 8 will protect religious freedoms.

Q: How is Proposition 8 bad for business?

A: Passing a law that says that some Californians may have their fundamental constitutional freedoms taken away will have a chilling effect on recruiting the most qualified, highly skilled workers to California’s high-tech, and creative industries.

Q: Is it true Proposition 8 might lead to tax increases?

A: It’s hard to tell, but with tight budgets in Sacramento and in local government, the loss of tens of millions of dollars to State and Local government projected by the Legislative Analyst could mean either taxes will go up or vital services like police and fire protection could be cut.

Q: How do I sign up to stop Prop 8?

A: Fill out our endorsement form today!