Republicans Against 8

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Lisa Prunier, Republican Against 8

Sacramento small business owner Lisa Prunier is a Republican Against Proposition 8. Listen to her explain why:

I am the mother of a gay son and I am a Republican. To me gay marriage like heterosexual marriage represents the best of what Republicans stand for: Love, honor, commitment, monogamy, becoming a stronger unit together than a part. Having gay marriage legal is about equality for individuals, regardless of sexual orientation. Gay couples strive for the same things we all do. Love is love; commitment is commitment these things care not of gender. Neither should we.

Regardless of how you feel about marriage as a religious construct, civil marriage is a right that should not be taken away from any Californian.

Scott Macdonald, Republican Against 8

Scott Macdonald of West Hollywood, California, is a Republican against Proposition 8. Here’s why:

I’m not interested in getting married. In fact, someone recently said to me,“You’re what they used to call a bachelor.” LOL Maybe I am. But for me and the vast majority of people voting on Proposition 8 it isn’t about them, it’s about fairness. It’s about equality. It’s about “liberty and justice for all.” It’s hard to imagine that we should change our state constitution so we can keep two people who love each other from getting married.

Vote No on Proposition 8.

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