Republicans Against 8

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What Can I Do to Defeat Proposition 8?

The most important thing you can do is VOTE NO on Prop 8 this November 4.

But much more needs to be done. Here are a eight ways for you to help protect fundamental freedoms for all Californians:

  1. Join Republicans Against 8 by adding your name to the list of Californians endorsing our campaign.
  2. Help communicate our message to fellow Republicans.
  3. Host a house party for friends and family to educate them on true nature of Proposition 8. For more information on hosting a house party, please send your name, phone number and address to the campaign.
  4. Attend a meeting of your local Log Cabin Chapter to learn about direct voter outreach opportunities.
  5. Show your support for Republicans Against 8 by proudly wearing Republicans Against 8 apparel.
  6. Print out a Republicans Against 8 window sign for your home or office (PDF)
  7. Volunteer to help Republicans Against 8 win in November.
  8. Contribute to Republicans Against 8 and help get our message directly to Republican voters with your contribution