Republicans Against 8

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Why are Republicans Against 8?

Republicans across California are vowing to vote no on Proposition 8 for many reasons. Here are just a few.

  • Limited Government: As a party, Republicans believe in limited government. Proposition 8 will give big government unprecedented control over the lives of private citizens by usurping their, Constitutionally-guaranteed rights and fundamental freedoms.
  • Individual Liberty: Californians must defend the constitution’s promise to provide fundamental freedoms to everyone.
  • Social Regulation: In California, we are already over-taxed and over-regulated fiscally—the kind of social regulation put forth in Proposition 8 only makes a bad situation worse.
  • A Dangerous Precedent: Regardless of how you feel about marriage, Proposition 8 sets a dangerous social precedent in California. What’s next? Telling us how to discipline our children?  Taking away the right to home schooling?
  • Equality and Fairness: Proposition 8 would deny gays and lesbians the dignity and respect that marriage conveys to everyone else. That’s just wrong. Our laws should treat everyone equally. Fundamentally, this election is about protecting equality, freedom, and fairness for all.

Thirty years ago, Ronald Reagan stood against efforts to take away the fundamental freedom for all Californians to teach in public schools. Today, Republicans Against 8 join with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to continue fighting to protect fundamental freedoms for all Californians.

Listen to Republicans Against 8 tell you why they are opposed in their own words.